Tyndrum 2024???

It is looking like we could manage to put a race on for winter 2024 as our baby will be just over 1 year old and we are hoping that there will not be another pandemic or other worldwide disaster (well beyond the current ongoing climate crisis….) So this is just a quick note to watch this space!

The race will not be a 24hr lap event, it is not really possible with a small person to care for and job for me to manage an event of that scale again. So will be a midwinter nighttime A-B race probably in Feb 2024 around 24 miles (see what I did there, can use the same logo!). We are just at the start of event planning so cannot confirm if it will go ahead – need to get land permission, ensure there is community support and arrange insurance as well as getting a budget together first. The race will be fundraising for Oban MRT, both Max and I are members of the team and our teammates will be supporting the race as medical and safety cover.

If you would like to get in touch, sponsor the event or volunteer in anyway or just want to email and say hi you can get us at wayoutsideuk@gmail.com or join the Team T24 community of Facebook here 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/2266778346920423

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